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VIDEO: Frank Rogalla - Let’s turn algae from foe to friend for biofuel production

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CHICLANA, Spain – As director of innovation, you would expect Frank Rogalla to live and breath new technologies in his life outside of work.

Well with his All-gas project – growing algae for biofuel production using wastewater nutrients – he is certainly doing that.

In the latest video interview as part of our #WaterChat series, Rogalla confirms that he is driving a biogas powered car that can run on the algae-biofuel produced from the project in Spain.

The only problem is that he has to drive to the Chiclana site (conveniently located near the beach), to refuel – sounds like an idea excuse to us!

Project co-ordinator Aqualia is planning on applying the technology to other water treatment plants across its infrastructure portfolio.

Watch the full interview above, with links to our previous coverage below.


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