Utility supplies: Realizing Augmented Reality for the Utility Industry -- The Role of Mobile Devices

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Utility supplies: Utilities are interested in augmented reality to help them improve operations and services, but still face challenges with the evolving technology. A whitepaper from ETS Insights discusses how the idea of augmented reality suggests futuristic headsets and the distant future, but utilities can find benefits from augmented reality today and leverage devices already available. Augmented reality can help reduce maintenance costs, make operations safer and increase first-call resolution rates. And augmented reality can happen through mobile devices already available to utilities, such as smart phones, tablets and rugged laptops.

The paper explores the potential of augmented reality for utility workers, including use cases and the mobile devices they need to take full advantage of the technology. Topics include the following:
• Utility perspectives on augmented reality and its potential for their organizations
• The role that mobile devices, such as smart phones and rugged devices, play in realizing augmented reality
• The ecosystem of technologies needed for utilities to operationalize augmented reality in the field
• The essential steps to get started with augmented reality in your organization

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