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"Put customers front and center. Stop calling them ratepayers. Treat them like you care."

- Suzanne Shelton, president and CEO of Shelton Group, during the Electric Light & Power Executive Conference

"It's a delicate balance from being on the offense to being offensive."

- Tucson Electric Power CEO David Hutchens at Electric Light & Power Executive Conference

"There's still more than one million people without any access to energy (and) another billion without reliable access. Those of us who have it are using it in ways that aren't sustainable."

- Mark Feasel, vice president, smart grid for Schneider Electric, at company's Executive Breakfast briefing during DistribuTECH week

"It's very disruptive but, you know what, you can't put this genie back in the bottle."

- Yahoo Tech founder David Pogue, keynote speaker at DistribuTECH, talking about the rapid pace of the technological revolution.


"Customer-owned generation is just one innovation that will likely affect all aspects of power and utility operations, especially generation, transmission and distribution,"

- Deloitte, "Top Regulatory Trends for 2016 in Energy"

"The most salient long-term trend in installed U.S. PV prices for residential-scale installations is their steady decline over the 14 years from 2000 to 2013. Annual average prices paid (in real dollars per watt) declined nearly threefold over that period."

- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, other partners, "Characteristics of Low-Priced Solar Photovoltaics in the U.S."

"Emerging market countries can reap immediate benefits from smart grid infrastructure investment. Many... suffer from rampant non-technical losses...that cost in aggregate $63.1 billion each year in lost or unbilled revenue."

- Northeast Group, "Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2016"


Report predicts #EVs to make up 25 percent+ of global auto market by 2025, up from 3 percent today


Global energy efficiency investment will = $5.8 trillion by 2030


"Engineering is changing to meet the demands of our rapidly evolving world." Trishia, senior consultant at Leidos Engineers, during Engineers Week. http://ow.ly/YCq4B

- @LeidosEngineers

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