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Paraguay's Ande restarts bids for 10-MW Ypane River plant

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The government of Paraguay has opened a new bidding process to construct a 10 MW plant on the country's Ypane River, following the cancellation of a previous round earlier this month.

State-owned power company Administracion Nacional de Electricidad (Ande) had even gone so far as to prequalify three companies for the project, but decided just one was qualified. This led Ande to cancel the call for fear that the bidding process would not be considered legitimate.

Ande's new offer will require the winning bidder to complete the plant within 33 months, after which it will operate the plant for 30 years. Output from the project will be supplied to Ande during this time under a tariff up to 90,000 MWh annually.

Bids for the projected US$40 million facility are due December 11. Full details can be found via Paraguay's government portal here.

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