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VIDEO: Global water market will “pick up”, says Keith Hays, Bluefield Research

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MEXICO City, Mexico – Public-private partnerships (PPP or P3) continue to remain complex projects that require multiple parties to come to the table.

Despite their challenges, there are also a lot of interesting policies that are pushing P3s forward, including in China, Peru and most recently Argentina.

That’s according to Keith Hays, managing director of industry analyst Bluefield Research. Speaking to WWi magazine at the recent Aquatech Mexico event, he believes that the global water market is ready to “pick up” following some recent landmark projects that have been awarded.

He believes the need for innovating the model around P3s is “evident”, including offering guarantees for private investors.

As well as PPPs, Hays also discusses where he sees opportunities in the global desalination market and the adoption of smart water technologies. The full interview can be viewed above.

Bluefield Research recently revealed that smart water meter deployments across Europe will increase by 28 percent over the next ten years.


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