Rwanda water utility to clamp down on corruption

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Rwanda water utility to clamp down on corruption

KIGALI, Rwanda - A strong message has been sent out by the Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) of Rwanda warning its employees against taking bribes.

Commercial director Lucien Ruterana reportedly said that “tough measures” have been initiated by the utility’s new management to boost efficiency and service delivery, reported local source The New Times.

Staff have been warned that any corruption case will be punished “not only by terminating the contract but also by bringing the case to the courts of law”.

The strategy has been set out following the recent dismissal and arrest of former WASAC boss, James Sano over corruption-related charges. Since then, the former director of planning at the Ministry of Infastructure – Aimé Muzola – has replaced him.

The New Times quoted commercial director Lucien Ruterana as saying: “We are discussing and developing various strategies to identify employees who solicit money from clients. Customers and the general public should call anti-corruption authorities since they have staff with appropriate skills. We will continue an awareness programme until this malpractice stops.”

Efforts are underway to upgrade and rehabilitate over 1000km of water networks in the City of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. Chronic water shortages in Kigali have meant that some neighbourhoods can go weeks without water, particularly in the dry season.

Furthermore, the Nzove Water Treatment Plant will be expanded by 15,000 m3/day.


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