Session 2D - Practical Approaches to Energy Integration

Integration & Energy Storage Session Video

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POWER-GEN Europe 2017 ‘Session 2d - Practical Approaches to Energy Integration’ full session discussion: Power generation systems face intermittency, smart grid management and frequency control. This session provides examples of the constraints and solutions to overcome these difficulties.


  • Philippe Delage, Consultant with PhD.Advisory
  • Sven Granfors, Manager, Power Systems with Solvina International AB
  • Anders Dyrelund, Senior Market Manager with Ramboll
  • Giordano Torri, Chief Technology Officer with Fincatieri SI spa
  • Martin Aten, Senior Electrical Engineer with Uniper Technologies Ltd
  • Lorenz Ueing, Business Development with Clozed Loop Energy AG
  • Bodo von Düring, CEO with Clozed Loop Energy AG


  • “Integration of Wind and Solar in the Smart Energy System”
  • “Integration of Diesel Generators with Renewable Sources and Energy Storage Systems”
  • “Generator Stability Study for High ROCOF Events in a Low Inertia Grid”
  • “CLEAG: Advanced Geothermal Energy”

Conference Track: Track D - Integration & Energy Storage
Time: 11:00AM - 12:30PM on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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