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Meet the Smart Digital Energy Solution That Could Blow Up Solar Coins

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The winning team of the Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok last week developed a new digital solution for claiming solar coins.

More About the Smart Energy Hackathon

According to the organizers of the Smart Energy Hackathon, the event resulted in 16 smart digital energy solutions from 79 hackers and 33 mentors.

The event was co-organized by GIZ, TechGrind, CalCEF/New Energy Nexus, Chulalongkorn University Innovation Hub and Knowledge Xchange for Innovation.

The organizers said that mentors were an essential part of the success of the Smart Energy Hackathon and about half of the mentors flew in from neighboring regions to support the effort.

“We are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs bringing their ideas and solutions to the Southeast Asia marketplace and abroad. With the right mix of ideas, support and capital we can accelerate the energy transition to smarter and cleaner alternatives,” Jan-Justus Schmidt, founder of BluGreen Energy, and a mentor for the event, said in a statement.

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