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Evoqua project named WateReuse's Industrial Project of the Year

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Air Products' hydrogen plant in Carson, California supplies high-purity hydrogen critical for converting heavy crude oils into California's cleaner burning gasoline and low sulfur diesel. The plant is also connected to Air Products' Los Angeles Basin pipeline network to supply product to local refineries. Photo: Air Products.

PITTSBURGH, PA, SEPT 14, 2017 --  Evoqua Water Technologies has received the Industrial Project of the Year Award from the WateReuse Association, a national trade organization dedicated to advancing water recycling.

The WateReuse Industrial Project of the Year Award recognizes projects whose significance and contributions to the community continue to advance the water reuse industry.

Evoqua received the award for design and installation of a brine recovery reverse osmosis (BRRO) system for Air Products' hydrogen plant near Los Angeles. Evoqua's BRRO solution offsets the total amount of water Air Products uses in the production of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles and is expected to save approximately 75 million gallons of fresh water a year.

Rodney Aulick, President of Evoqua's Industrial Division, said, "We are delighted to have received this award and for our partnership with Air Products. Helping our customers solve their water issues and improving water reuse is what we're all about. We are proud to be a recognized leader in this realm and we look forward to utilizing additional technologies -- such as those in our recently acquired ADI Systems and Environmental Treatment Systems -- to take our industrial water reuse leadership to even higher levels. Evoqua will continue to drive water efficiency and support of our customers as they look to decrease their water footprint."

To learn more about Evoqua, visit www.evoqua.com. For more information on industrial water recycling, visit www.evoqua.com/en/brands/IPS/Pages/Industrial-Water-Recycle.

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