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Distributed Energy Resources: Interconnection Impact Studies Support Successful DER Integration

Distributed energy resources (DER) have become an integral part of the energy system as consumers, utility providers and regulatory agencies incorporate smaller power sources such as renewable energy, energy storage systems, or traditional generation into the electric power system (EPS).  While DER has become an integral part of the typical energy portfolio, DER interconnection can negatively impact EPS thermal loading, voltage regulation and protection.  Other potential concerns include voltage flicker, risk of islanding and load rejection overvoltage.  DER interconnection impact studies determine potential issues and identify mitigation strategies that allow for successful integration.

Leidos performs studies for electric utilities in the U.S. and Caribbean that use a variety of approaches to DER interconnection impact studies.  Most utilities use screening methods to approve, without study, low risk potential DER projects.  Electric service providers that are just beginning to accommodate DER are working to establish screening and study guidelines, while utilities with significant experience are  re-evaluating screening and study methods to accommodate heavy DER penetration and streamline the study processes.  Other utilities require DER hosting capacity studies.  This webinar will focus on performing distribution level, site-specific DER interconnection impact screening and studies, while reviewing screening criteria and study methodology used by different utilities.

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Urmil Patel

Engineer - Leidos

Urmil Patel is an electrical engineer with experience in electric utility distribution engineering. Urmil performs DER interconnection impact studies and conducts planning studies on distribution systems for power utilities nationwide.

Sridhar Chouhan, P.E.

Power Systems Engineer - Leidos

Sridhar Chouhan is a registered professional engineer with ten years of experience in the power sector in transmission and distribution planning and advanced technology research. Sridhar supports several smart grid projects including distribution automation (DA), Volt/VAR control, conservation voltage reduction, renewable energy integration, energy storage systems, and microgrids. He also performs DER interconnection studies and distribution planning for electric utilities across the United States.