Work lights: LED floodlights for illumination of large work areas

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Work lights: Flood lights are one of the most popular types of lighting used to illuminate large, outdoor areas. Unlike other common light fixtures, floodlights are designed with a higher level of durability so that they can survive in the outdoor environments that they are placed in.

What are the advantages of using LED floodlights?
These LEDs do not generate excessive heat and are much more energy efficient. For example, within our line of LED floodlights we offer lighting for large industrial work sites. Larson Electronics’ LEDs help to illuminate large work areas without creating all of the heat build-up that can be found with other common light fixtures.

Our customers aren’t just limited to large LED fixtures though. We also offer a number of smaller floodlights like our wall-pack/canopy LEDs and LEDs for general area use in places such as parking lots, under canopies, indoor areas with low ceilings, sports fields and more.

For those seeking added energy efficiency, each of these floodlights can be configured with built-in motion and day/night sensors, dusk to dawn photocells, or timers. This technology enables operators to set the lights to come on and go off at a manually specified time or to stay off until motion is detected or when the level of daylight has dropped.

Customers can also choose from a wide range of voltages as well. Options include: 12V DC, 24V DC, or 250V DC and 120V AC, 220V AC, 277V AC or 480V AC for use worldwide and for any configuration that you may need.

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