Village of Oostburg requests approval of wastewater treatment plant improvements

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OOSTBURG, WI, JULY 25, 2017 -- The Village of Oostburg has requested approval from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for improvements to its wastewater treatment plant.

The existing treatment plant, originally constructed in 1981, has received minimal upgrades since that time. The wastewater flow to the plant is currently over 80 percent of capacity. Improvements are needed to replace aging facilities, provide capacity for increased wastewater flows and organic loading, and to meet the current and future anticipated water quality limitations required for discharge to the Black River.

The upgrade is proposed to occur in two phases. The first phase would include improvements to the headworks, construction of a new three channel oxidation ditch, and a new final clarifier. The phase one improvements are estimated to cost $5,540,000.

The second phase would include construction of a new fine screen, UV disinfection system, and advanced phosphorus removal system. The second phase would also provide thickening and storage for biosolids produced by the treatment system. Construction of the disinfection and advanced phosphorus removal systems are contingent on the proposed future reclassification of Black Creek. The phase two project has an estimated cost of $3,660,000.

The first phase of construction is anticipated to start in March 2018. The timing of the second phase improvements is somewhat dependent on the proposed reclassification of the Black River. The phase two design work is expected to begin approximately in 2026.

Residential user charges are expected to increase from approximately $643 to $782 per year for the first phase of the project. The complete second phase is estimated to add another $87 to the annual charges. The village anticipates funding the first phase project with grants and loans from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development program.

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