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The Data Influx. Transforming Data Overload into Business Insights

Veolia Eau, City of Calgary and Yorkshire Water all successfully manage large volumes of operational data.  This six-page report explores how to transform the deluge of operational data and convert it into a valuable business asset. By enabling stakeholders throughout their organization to gain access to meaningful business information, all three companies were able to transform from reactive to proactive, data-driven decision-making.

This paper will be of interest to anyone who is involved in operations, maintenance or asset management who needs to find answers to issues such as:

  • How do I cut costs and preserve energy?
  • What is the health status of my equipment and how do I prolong the life of my assets?
  • How do I prevent and detect leaks, and remedy them faster?
  • How do I prevent unplanned downtime?
  • How can I ensure water quality standards are maintained?

If you would like to discover best practices from some of the leading Water Utilities companies and understand how technology can help improve your business operations, download the whitepaper here.

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