Work light: Explosion proof portable LED light

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Work light: Larson Electronics has released a new explosion proof portable LED light to be added to its catalog of products. This portable LED light (ATEX-EPL-BS-58W-LED-100) provides operators with a powerful and energy efficient alternative to traditional bulky hazardous location lights.

This Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosion proof portable LED light provides 6,000 lumens of high quality light while drawing only 58 watts. It is available in 360° and 180° beam spreads. The 180° beam shines in only one direction, making it ideal for down lighting, wall packs, and for keeping the light out of oncoming traffic and pedestrians. A special heat dissipating design, in conjunction with LED driver technology, helps this portable LED light to achieve a 100,000-hour rated lifespan with 70% lumen retention. Light weight and a low profile make this portable explosion proof LED light an ideal alternative to larger and heavier older fixtures and require less hardware to install.

This explosion proof LED light is mounted on a base stand that is fabricated from non-sparking spun aluminum with a carrying handle built into the top of the stand. The aluminum frame features an explosion proof switch built into the cord wrap on the back of the unit. 100 feet of SOOW cord terminated in an HLP-EX-16A-2P3W ATEX rated pin and sleeve cord cap in either 100-130V AC or 200-250V AC voltages is included with this portable LED light.

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