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Rocky Mountain Institute: EVgo Fleet and Tariff Analysis

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With today’s EV market penetration and current public DCFC utilization rates, demand charges can be responsible for over 90% of electricity costs, which are as high as $1.96/kWh at some locations during summer months. This issue will be compounded by the deployment of next-generation fast-charging stations, which are designed with more than two 50 kW DCFCper site and with higher-power DCFC (150kW or higher).

This report by RMI’s Chris Nelder and Garrett Fitzgerald analyzed data from every charging session at all of EVgo’s 230 DC fast charging stations in California last year.

It also focuses on specific tariffs proposed by San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison in their SB 350 Transportation Electrification applications. RMI’s author also offers suggestions on how EVgo can reduce its operational costs.

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