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Easily access overseas manufacturing without risk - how we ensure quality and reliability

Written by Tess Roberts



Sourcing parts reliably from overseas manufacturing services is hard. Finding dependable suppliers, dealing with inconsistent part quality, as well as customs clearance are just some of the common problems. Still, the promise of high quality parts at a competitive price remains appealing, which is why we have worked on building a reliable solution.

Today we’re announcing the opening of Hubs warehouses in Chicago and Amsterdam to handle all customs clearance and import logistics. The locations also host a quality control center to inspect all parts from overseas manufacturers, enabling risk-free access to high quality, cost competitive manufacturing capacity.

Zero import issues, guaranteed quality standards

What will this mean for you when you order from Hubs? Ultimately, we want to keep improving your experience of sourcing parts, so that all you have to do is submit an order from your desktop and wait for your parts to arrive.

This change will benefit you in the following ways*:

*Please note, these changes will only affect customers in the EU, UK and US and only for parts that are produced overseas. It does not apply to our 3D printing service which consists exclusively of local manufacturing partners.

Access overseas manufacturing as easily as local

All parts that come from our overseas manufacturing facilities are sent to our warehouses in Amsterdam and Chicago for import and customs clearance. After the parts are cleared and inspected, they’re shipped out to their final destination. Parts never stay at our warehouses for more than 24 hours and the inspection does not affect the lead time of your parts.

Amsterdam and Chicago are our current cross-docking hubs

All you need to do is upload your CAD file(s) to our platform to receive an instant quote. Submit the quote to lock in the price and we’ll make sure you get your parts in a matter of days.


What about local production?

We believe that the long-term future of manufacturing is ultimately local. As production processes continue to automate, the labor component decreases, and production facilities will move closer to the end user.

Today however, it can be both economically, as well as from a manufacturing capability standpoint, beneficial to source overseas. A critical step towards a seamless overseas sourcing experience is taking care of import and in-house QC.

At Hubs, our mission is to provide users access to top quality parts at the most competitive price, which today means providing reliable access to overseas manufacturing capacity as well.

Users can always request parts to be manufactured locally if preferred.

Does this add lead time to the delivery of my parts?

No. All the lead time has been factored into the total lead-time of the order. Your parts will leave our warehouse at the shipping date mentioned assuming there are no delays in production.

Is this available for all countries?

At the moment, these improvements are only available for customers based in the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union.

Does this apply for all technologies?

This is available for CNC machining, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication. 3D printing orders will not be affected as these are produced locally and drop-shipped directly to the end-user from one of our premium partners. QC is outsourced to our partners for 3D printed orders as well.

Do I need to pay for customs duties?

No, customers don't pay for any customs duties if their order goes through one of our warehouses. Hubs will find the best matching supplier for your parts, either locally or overseas. In this process we account for any customs duties that will occur and will carry the cost.