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We are fully operational during Chinese New Year

Written by Ferdinand Goetzen



With Chinese New Year soon upon us, we will continue to be fully operational and make sure you can continue to get your parts into production.

Between February 8th and 21st, most businesses - including most manufacturing facilities - across China will pause their activities. With China accounting for roughly 28% of global manufacturing, this period often sees big shifts in demand, affecting manufacturers across the globe.

Thanks to our global network of manufacturing partners, we'll continue to operate as usual throughout the Chinese New Year period.

To make sure we continue to deliver a reliable and comprehensive service to all our customers, we have made some slight adjustments to our lead times. These changes will be effective from January 25th until February 21st, when we expect to return to our regular lead times for all services.

The table below provides a summary of our lead times during this period:

Lead times USA EU Rest of World
3D printing 2 4 5
CNC machining 13 13 10
Sheet metal fabrication 13 13 10
Injection molding Project-dependent. Speak to our sales team. Project-dependent. Speak to our sales team. Project-dependent. Speak to our sales team.

As of February 21st, our lead times will be back to normal.